Single Copies

Single Copies - The latest issue: Issue #6!

The latest issue: Issue #6!

Issue #6 - scheduled to launch in December 2023 - features the work of the following artists:
Morganna Magee (AUS) explores the philosophy of deep time by photographing undeveloped land in Nerre Nerre Warren Park near her home in Australia;
Through creating chlorophyll prints of her old train tickets, Nettie Edwards (UK/Romany) explores personal and universal definitions of freedom;
Judyta Grudzien (US/Poland) delves into issues of class and visibility in relation to employment in her chemigram and altered color film project "We Love You;"
Brent Mathison (US) explores the concept - and tensions - of "home" and how we form deep connections with place in his platinum/palladium series "Hometown;"
Susan Patrice (US) draws a line between family lineage, generational trauma, and the landscape in her multi-process series "The Land of My Body;"
In Conversation features the work of Leah Frances (US/CAN) and Octavia Sharp (US), whose color images of retro architecture - diners and funeral homes, respectively - address deeper societal issues such as the political divide and the disappearance of family-run businesses.
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Single Copies - The latest issue: Issue #6!

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