Single Copies

Single Copies - Issue #5!

Issue #5!

Issue #5 was released in the summer of 2023 and features work by the following artists:
Em White (US) uses wet plate collodion and ortho lith film to document the water network linked to the James River in Central Virginia, the geological feature that anchors White most to a sense of home;
Solange Adum Abdala (Peru) bleaches color images in order to create an analogy around climate change through material alteration and drawing parallels between the photographs' resiliency and that of the planet;
In her series ROAMING, Vaune Trachtman (US) explores her lifelong feeling of rootlessness and connection to the architectural features that briefly inhabit the view outside of moving vehicles;
While spending time in her childhood home, Virginia Woods-Jack (UK/Aotearoa NZ) made Polaroid images of and in the River Lune, a dark and ancient waterway with which Woods-Jack has a complicated relationship;
When the shelter-in-place order was in effect in California, Ashima Yadava (India/US) collaborated with people in her community by creating portraits in their front yards and having them embellish the prints in a way that best expressed themselves and their families;
In Conversation features the work of two pairs of collaborators dealing with the passage of time and space in their work: Jeff McConnell & Diana Pankova, whose Solar Crossworlds project consists of double exposed solargraphs that have been mailed from one collaborator to the other, and Scott McMahon & Ahmed Salvador who drastically alter the film that they ship back and forth in Light and Chemical Correspondence.

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Single Copies - Issue #5!

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