Single Copies

Single Copies - Issue #1

Issue #1

Issue #1 features the work of the following artists:
Yoav Horesh (US/Israel), whose black and white images of Civil War monuments explore the relationship such objects have with the space they hold and the communities that come in contact with them;
David Emitt Adams (US), whose wet plate images of oil refineries exposed directly onto oil drum lids address issues such as consumption, energy and its sources, and the effect extraction has on the land;
Anne Eder (US), who uses historic processes to explore an endangered barrier reef of the coast of Massachusetts and incorporates the landscape itself - in the form of sea water - into her images;
Liz Harrington (UK), whose cyanotypes created in the waters of the East of England coastline address themes of transience, fragility, and the traces left by the past; and
Ella Morton (Canada), who alters her color film through the introduction of various liquids in an effort to create images whose appearance reflects the dissolution of the landscapes she photographs.
In Conversation features the work of Jackie Neale (US) and Rashod Taylor, (US) who explore their complicated relationships with the country they call home through imagery of the American flag using cyanotype and wet plate respectively.
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Single Copies - Issue #1

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