Single Copies

Single Copies - Issue #4

Issue #4

Issue #4, which launched in December 2022, features the work of the following artists:
DM Witman (US) prints archive images of icebergs using the salt printing and gum bichromate processes in her project "Arctic Elegy" to create a space for grief and mourning in relation to climate change.
In his series "Resource Extraction," Tony Bellaver (US) imparts gravitas upon his striking images of clear cut areas of the Pacific Northwest by printing them using the platinum/palladium process.
Cole Caswell (US) explores place and the passage of time in his wet plate series "Rise," which features ethereal images of the Maine coast.
While exploring the north of Spain in search of the Basque goddess Mari, Cristina Fontsare's (ES) chemically-altered Polaroids depict a world that blends the physical and mythological, the contemporary and ancient.
Joshua White's (US) series "Further West" features wet plate images sourced from the HiRISE camera on Mars and links past and present attitudes toward expansionism and Manifest Destiny.
In Conversation features the work of Alice Duncan (AU) and Sara Tautuku Orme (NZ) who use different photographic styles and processes (color film and Polaroid, respectively) to explore issues of self-determination, representation, and the role photography can play in colonization.
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Single Copies - Issue #4

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