Single Copies

Single Copies - Issue #3

Issue #3

Issue #3 features the work of the following artists:
Wen-Hang Lin (US/Taiwan), whose color images of a reflective and disorienting human form depict how it can feel to be an immigrant living in the United States;
Marianthi Lainas (UK), whose embellished cyanotypes express her deep connection to the segment of the Northwest England coast she calls home;
Ky Lewis (UK), whose chemically-altered pinhole images shot on x-ray film explore the connections between landscape, history, and memory;
Yasu Matsumoto (Japan), whose cut and reassembled silver prints from glass negatives are toned in a "soup" containing material from the forests he photographs; and
Sebastien & Louise (UK), whose extensive travels in Asia ultimately led them back to England and its extensive canal system in a search for community.
In Conversation includes the work of Melanie King (UK), whose work explores the celestial origins and the reclamation/reuse of the noble metals found in light sensitive materials, and Anne Arden McDonald (US), whose cameraless work reflects upon concepts of the universal and the macro and the artist's relationship with her materials.
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Single Copies - Issue #3

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